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The Buttermere 6'x6' Octagonal Corner
Summer House

Size; 6' x 6'

price and availability varies
*please note that sellers do occasionally change their prices without notice - please visit the seller to confirm the current price - delivery charges may also vary from area to area - be sure to check the seller's delivery charge to your address
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Price from £819.00

The Buttermere 6'x6' Octagonal Corner Summerhouse

Style and Design
The Buttermere is designed in an attractive octagonal style to sit prettily in the corner of any garden, providing shade in summer, shelter in winter and a sure talking point all year round.  A compact model, it will sit neatly in the corner of even the smallest garden.  If however you are looking for something a little larger in the same style the Buttermere 8' x 6'  octagonal log cabin is a tailor made alternative.
The summerhouse is constructed in 12mm tongue and groove planed cladding on 45 x 27mm framing with a tongue and groove floor on 27 x 32mm bearers and a 9mm plywood roof finished with heavy duty mineral felt.  The windows, two of which can be opened, are styrene glazed in an attractive leaded style while the single two thirds glazed door is hung with antique style hinges and secured with a rim style lock (which may vary from supplier to supplier).  The Buttermere also comes with window boxes for that delightful finishing touch.
Externally the building measures 5'11'' x 5'11'' (1.87 x 1.87m) with a maximum roof height of 8'7'' (2.62m) dropping to 6'3'' (1.9m) at the eaves.  Internal floor measurement is 5'8'' x 5'8'' (1.75 x 1.75m).  The door opening is 5'10'' x 2'1'' (1.78 x 0.64m).
Typically the Buttermere comes dip treated with a 10 year manufacturer's guarantee.  Some suppliers may offer a free finish or basecoat if desired.  If the summerhouse is delivered with only a dip treatment you will need to apply a final decorative/preservative finish at the time of assembly.  This will preserve the structure and appearance of the building and, provided the finish is regularly maintained, will enable you to benefit from any applicable guarantee.
The Buttermere is a sectional building delivered flatpacked ready for assembly by two persons.
See the details of sellers and prices given above.
Our Review
The Buttermere 6 x 6 is a good quality octagonal summerhouse with plenty to offer.  Its octagonal design will sit nicely in the corner of the garden while allowing easy access all round for maintenance - something that's not always the case with a more conventional five sided corner building.  There are ample large windows, five in all, which will ensure your Buttermere is bright and sunny inside while the opening side windows mean you can easily ventilate the interior on a hot day.  It's also a good idea to leave these slightly open during the colder months as this helps to reduce the build up of condensation which can lead to mildew.  There are some nice stylistic touches too.  We like the black antique styled door furniture and the pretty window boxes while the overall style is attractive and has, we think, quite a classy appeal.

There's decent build quality with the 12mm tongue and groove shiplap cladding on a 45 x 27mm frame perfectly adequate for a summerhouse of this size.  There's a tongue and groove wooden floor too which, along with the plywood roof, will add to the strength and durability of the building.  The styrene windows, while perhaps a little more susceptible to scuffs and scratches than real glass, will be virtually shatterproof and are we think slightly preferable to horticultural glass.  Toughened glass would be ideal but it's probably unrealistic to expect this in the Buttermere's price range.  The attractive apex style roof with its wooden finial will allow water to run off easily and the tongue and groove construction should ensure good resistance to the elements.  One point in relation to the structure is that you occasionally find the odd split or knothole in 12mm shiplap cladding so check for these when your summerhouse is delivered.  Such blemishes, along with the occasional rough edge occur naturally and are virtually unavoidable in this type of wooden building.  We don't see them as an issue but be prepared to attend to them before assembly.

You'll find that the Buttermere receives only a manufacturer's water based dip treatment prior to delivery.  While this is adequate to protect the timbers up to the point the summerhouse arrives on your doorstep you will need to apply a final preservative/decorative finish as soon as possible following delivery.  The manufacturer specifies that this should be one within three months following assembly but we'd actually recommend you apply the finish before you put the summerhouse together.  This means you'll be able to reach any areas, such as the underside of the floor, that might be difficult to reach or inaccessible once the building's assembled.  It's also ideal if you can turn the wall panels upside down while you apply the finish as this makes it far easier to thoroughly treat the tongue and groove joins in the cladding.

You can expect the process of assembly itself to be somewhat time consuming although not particularly challenging to someone with average diy experience.  The walls come in pre-formed panels which will aid the operation though you will have to hang the door and install the windows.  You'll need a selection of fairly basic tools: a hammer, tape measure, phillips type screwdriver, sharp craft knife, spirit level and a power drill with a 2mm bit.  Many of the screw holes require to be pre-drilled meaning a hand drill won't really be practical.  You can see the full assembly instructions here (opens in a new window) so you'll know exactly what you need in advance and be ready to hit the ground running!

There aren't that many corner summerhouses in the Buttermere's size and style around.  If you're looking for an alternative check out the hexagonal Gazebo or the more expensive and not always available Strongman tanalised octagonal summerhouse.  The Gazebo won't set you back as much as the Buttermere but on balance we think we prefer the Buttermere's overall design and finish.  It's only drawback is that it's a little more expensive than the Gazebo and some of the slightly larger pentagonal models featured on our 7x7 Corner Summerhouse page (opens in a new window).  Taking everything into account we've awarded it 4.5 corner summerhouse stars.  And don't forget to check out our price guide above as prices do vary between suppliers.
  attractive styling

  opening windows

  locking door

  all wood construction
Our Star Rating
(4.5 out of 5 stars
Review by the Corner Summerhouse Guide)

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