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Corner Summerhouse News Archive

Here you'll find all the corner summerhouse news brought to you by the Corner Summerhouse Guide over past years.  If it's current news you're looking for check our Latest News section.

News Archive
(ordered by date)
Super Value at Cuckooland - and in time for Christmas too!

If you're in the market for a simple, no frills corner summerhouse with a solid construction and wooden floor and roof take a look at Cuckooland's Premier Corner Range.  Available as 7x7, 8x8 and 9x9 models, these corner summerhouses are currently priced to undercut their competitors by several hundred pounds - and right at the moment we don't think you can get better value.  If you order by 6 December, you'll have your new garden building by Christmas.  But we don't recommend waiting that long - these prices can't possibly last!

Don't forget that Cuckooland currently offer 5% off your first order too if you subscribe to their newsletter.

(19 November 2021)
Latest Promo Code at Garden Chic!

A quick heads up on Garden Chic's latest promo code SAVE50 gets you £50 off any purchase over £500!  It's only valid until 17 October though - so you don't want to hang around.  Check out Garden Chic's range of summerhouses here

(10 October 2021)
Big Savings on Tigers

Tiger Sheds' Corner Summerhouses certainly aren't the cheapest around - but they're great quality and right now there are some super savings to be made.  Currently, Tiger have knocked a generous 10% off the list price of their Georgian and Vista Summerhouses and a massive 20% off the Tiger Bengal and the Vibrissa.  That represents savings of £876.40 and £1175 respectively on the Bengal and the Vibrissa.

These summerhouses represent money well spent so if you've been thinking about it - now might be a good time to make your move.

(3 October 2021)
Hard to find Hampton and Barclay 7'x7' models now in stock at One Garden

A heads up if you've been looking around for either of the ever-popular  Hampton or Barclay corner summerhouses in their 7'x7' format at a competitive price.  One Garden currently have limited stocks of both available for delivery from 26 April.  You can check them out here.

(11 April 2021)
Shire suspend their order book

We understand that Shire Garden Buildings - a major producer of corner summerhouses such as the Hampton, Barclay and Gazebo - have suspended their order book for 14 days due to heavy demand.  So unless you're lucky enough to find someone with one of these models in stock - or you've already placed your order - you'll have to wait before you can buy.  We're keeping an eye on things and will post any updates on the situation here as soon as we receive them. 

(14 March 2021)
A Good Time to Plan Ahead

The end of the year is upon us and as we move into 2021 spring is closer than you think.  The corner summerhouse market has yet to fully recover from the disruption wrought by the coronavirus and there's still low or no availability when it comes to some popular models.  Others, while available, have quite long delivery times making this a good time to place your order with a view to your spring summerhouse project.  We're anticipating more shortages as demand picks up over the next few months - so ordering early is definitely something worth thinking about.

(28 December 2020)
Black Friday offers from QD Stores and Cherry Lane

For one day only, Cherry Lane Garden Centre and QD Stores are offering discounts of up to 20% sitewide (along with a free cuddly toy on purchases of £60+).  That means some great summerhouse savings on Albany Oakdale and Lincoln models - if you move quickly!

(27 November 2020)
Discount Codes at QD Stores and Cherry Lane Garden Centres

In a welcome sign that a hint of normality is beginning to return to the garden building world, both QD Stores and Cherry Lane Garden Centres are currently offering discount codes on online purchases.  These will give you reductions of up to 5% - that's a current saving, for example, of over £70 on QD's flagship Albany Lincoln 8'x8' corner summerhouse.  See exactly what's on offer - and for how long - over on our Corner Summerhouse Discount and Promo Codes page.

(19 July 2020)
Corner Summerhouses during the Lockdown

The lockdown is still very much in force and it is looking as if it will be with us for some time yet.  The restrictions have, perhaps not surprisingly, led to something of a shortage of availability of corner summerhouses online and some fairly hefty price increases.  Here at the Corner Summerhouse Guide, we remain dedicated to helping you find value for money when looking for your ideal summerhouse.  Many retailers are still running a delivery service and stocks of some models remain relatively high so there is still every chance you can find what you need online at a competitive price.

We'd suggest you look for sellers advertising their summerhouses as 'in stock' or who give a definite delivery date or timescale.  With the current uncertainty it's probably best to avoid offers to 'pre-order' or rather vague statements to the effect that deliveries are still taking place but there may be delays.  Most of this is just common sense really.

As ever, we're working hard to maintain an up to date record of pricing and availability to help you find the model you want at the best value on the internet.  As you browse the site you'll find full details of what's currently on sale with the most up to date pricing information we can provide.  Prices are currently trending upwards so it's unlikely at the present time that you'll get a better deal by delaying your purchase.

(updated - 29 May 2020)
Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We're beginning to see a relaxation of lockdown restrictions at last but there's no doubt that the coronavirus has had a significant effect on the corner summerhouse market..  Increased demand has led to a depletion of stocks as manufacturers have reduced their production levels or stopped entirely.  As a result prices have increased across the board, quite significantly for some models.  And as you would expect, availability has been affected too with some models only available from one or two sellers or, in some cases, not at all.

Part of the availability issue arises as a result of the way in which summerhouses are sold in the UK.  Many sellers are essentially a "middle man" between the manufacturer and the buyer and don't maintain stocks themselves.  On selling a summerhouse delivery is arranged direct from the manufacturer.  The price you pay will very much depend on the price the seller pays to the manufacturer and the seller's profit margin.  In addition, there will be an element to reflect delivery if this is included in the price - or if "free" delivery is offered.  With the reduction in production levels, few if any, corner summerhouses are currently available on this basis and this partly explains the swathes of "unavailable" labels you'll find as you browse our pages.

If you're currently looking for a corner summer house with reliable early delivery, your best course at the moment is to purchase from a manufacturer who retails direct to the public - Tiger Sheds and BillyOh (links open in a new window) are good examples of these -  or to look for a large scale seller who still has models in stock for delivery.  At present you'll still find a decent range of buildings in stock at retailers like Wickes, QD Stores, Cherry Lane and a few others you'll come across on our pages.  B&Q are a large national retailer but have severely restricted their online range at the moment and have very few if any corner summerhouses available for delivery.  We'd suggest you keep an eye out for sellers advertising models as "in stock" and that you pay close attention to delivery dates and arrangements.  Take care with sellers who offer vague statements about delays to delivery times without any further detail.

Here at the Corner Summer House Guide were working hard, as ever, to keep prices and availability bang up to date to help you find your building at the best price with the minimum of fuss.  Although times are difficult it's still possible to find corner summerhouses online and we don't think anyone else can beat the range and price selection we offer.  So make the Corner Summer House Guide the first stop on your search for your ideal corner summerhouse.  Summer is on  the way - and with more of us having to spend time at home at the moment a corner summer house is still a great buy!

You can see all the corner summerhouses on the site above.

(update - 11 May 2020)
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Online Shopping Update

At the date of posting online shopping remains a permitted activity - so it will still be possible for you to purchase your Corner Summerhouse at the moment.  We are beginning to find however that some online retailers are closing for new orders due to demand and others are restricting their delivery areas.  We will continue to work to find the best online corner summerhouse deals available for you and extend our best wishes to all visitors to the site.

(update - 26 March 2020)
Tiger Sheds March Discount Code!

Tiger Sheds have a sale on at the moment and there are some great reductions on their superb range of corner summer houses and log cabins.  And the even better news is that you can get a further 10% off their sale prices using their latest discount code - but this offer only lasts until midnight on 5 March so don't hang around if you want to take advantage.  All the details over on our Discount and Promo Code page.

(update - 4 March 2020)
More Amazing Discount codes from BillyOh and Garden Buildings Direct

Congratulations to sister websites BillyOh and Garden Buildings Direct on their 20th birthday.  And to celebrate, they've introduced a fantastic birthday code offering 20% off online purchases of £200+.  That represents massive savings on their Picton, Penton and Renna models making them currently the best value corner summerhouses in their categories.  Check out all the details on our Discount and Promo Code page.

(update - 24 February 2020)
A Great New Year discount code from BillyOh and Garden Buildings Direct

Until midnight on 13 January you can get a massive 15% off all purchases over £250 at BillyOh and Garden Buildings Direct. Both sites have a great range of summerhouses and other garden buildings at prices which are very competitive - even without this great offer.  So don't delay - see all the details on our Discount and Promo Code page!

(update - 02 January 2020)
Super Boxing Day Offers from BillyOh and Garden Buildings Direct

Not only do BillyOh and Garden Buildings Direct have great ranges of corner summerhouses - until midnight on 30 December 2019 - that's this Monday - they each feature an amazing discount code offering a massive 20% off purchases over £250.  See all the details on our Discount and Promo Code page!

(update - 25 December 2019)
More Black Friday

We've found some more Black Friday offers for you - until midnight tonight (29 November) QD Stores are offering 20% off everything - see the details at QD Stores.  And until midnight on Monday 2 December, the code 10XYBER19 gives you 10% off at Cuckooland - some exclusions apply but it's still worth checking out.  All the details on our Corner Summerhouse Discount page.

(update - 29 November 2019)
Black Friday at BillyOh and Garden Buildings Direct

A couple of super Black Friday offers for you - both BillyOh and Garden Buildings Direct have 20% off Everything until 2 December using the code BLACK.  Check it all out at BillyOh and Garden Buildings Direct.

(update - 28 November 2019)
Internet Gardener - in liquidation

As at November 2019 Internet Gardener have ceased trading and indicated their intention to place their business in liquidation.  It's unlikely that you'll be awaiting delivery of a corner summerhouse from the company (especially if you're a visitor to this site) as their prices haven't been competitive for some time.  If you have any concerns or need more information however, you can visit their website here

(update - 16 November 2019)
A Great Time to Buy!

The August bank holiday is here - September is on the horizon - and it's a great time to invest in a corner summerhouse for your garden.  The bank holiday weather forecast is superb - but it won't be long before the evenings are drawing in and there's a bit of a chill in the air.  That's when your corner summerhouse really comes into its own and you can retreat to your own garden hideaway when the warmth of the day is gone.

And that's why there's no better time than the August bank holiday to order your corner summerhouse.  There are some great deals around and it should arrive when the weather is still fine (remember to check the delivery dates) so you can put it up, treat it as necessary, and have it ready in time for those autumn evenings.  Check out what's on offer  above - we've got just about every corner summer house you can think of featured with all the details, reviews and, most importantly, a comprehensive guide to the prices you can expect to pay on the internet today.

(update - 23 August 2019)
Ardcastle at the Double!

We can't let Wickes' great offer on the Ardcastle pass without a mention.  The company have reduced a few corner summerhouse prices recently and they're now the cheapest supplier of the Ardcastle on  the site - at just £1600 they beat the opposition by a massive £129 - and for that you get a huge 10'x10' of pure corner class.  All the details you need are on our Ardcastle page.

(update - 10 July 2019)
Got Room for an 8x8?

If so, right at the moment you need look no further than Waltons or Thompson and Morgan.  They've slashed the price of the Premier 8x8 to just £699.99.  That's £100 cheaper than the next best price we can find!  For that you get a quality dip treated 8'x8' corner summerhouse with real wood tongue and groove floor and roofing.  And if you're budget still doesn't quite stretch you can pick up the economy version of the same model for just £629.99.  Same quality but an osb floor and roof.  You can see all the details on our Standard and Premier 8x8 Corner Summerhouse page.

(update - 10 July 2019)
Every Little Helps

Just a quick heads up on Argos's current gift voucher offer.  A £5 voucher when you spend £50 - a £10 voucher if you spend £100.  The offer's valid until 2 July.

(update - 30 June 2019)
The Gazebo gets even cheaper!

Great news for fans of the Gazebo corner summerhouse.  ManoMano have cut their base price for this popular model to just £469.99 which we think is currently the cheapest you will find online.  And even better news is that Robert Dyas are now marketing their pressure treated version of the Gazebo for just ten pounds more at £479.99 - real value for money in our view.  You can find all the details over on our Gazebo corner summerhouse page.

(update - 30 June 2019)
Summer's Coming

A quiet end to the month as summerhouse sellers ready themselves for the summer season.  The Bank holiday offers have gone and past experience shows that special deals will be in short supply from now on.  Worth remembering though that both BillyOh and Garden Buildings Direct  still offer a pretty amazing 10% off your first order over £100 - so if you haven't bought there before you can grab a great deal on your corner summerhouse - and anything else you buy at the same time.

One price mover of note this week is the Mercia Corner Summerhouse with ShedElbec Garden Buildings (who don't often feature as a price leader) have dropped their price to just £822.95.  A word though - if you've read our reviews you'll know that by and large we prefer the style of the very similar BillyOh Penton.  The cheapest you'll find the Penton just now is £1045.00 which doesn't really compare with the deal on the Mercia - but remember the 10% off your first order.  This makes the Penton more of a comparison - especially if you need to add a few more items.

(update - 31 May 2019)
A pressure treated Gazebo from Robert Dyas

Robert Dyas have introduced a pressure treated version of the Gazebo Hexagonal Corner Summerhouse.  It costs just a few pounds more than the dip treated version but we certainly think it's money well spent to secure a garden building which will enjoy great resistance to rot and decay even without any further work by yourself.

Of course you may wish to think about putting your own stamp on your gazebo by adding a decorative finish but you can sleep easy knowing that the preservation of the wood is taken care of.  At the moment the Gazebo retails from £477.49 with the pressure treated option coming in at just £494.99.  Check out all the details in our Gazebo feature.

(update - 24 May 2019)
Introducing Customer Reviews to Help You

We know how a customer reviews can give you a bit of a feel for a product - and corner summer houses are no exception - even if recent studies have shown you do occasionally have to take some reviews with a pinch of salt.  The problem of course, as with corner summer houses generally, is that reviews are spread all over the internet among different sellers and it can be difficult and time consuming to pin them down.

So to save you time, we're introducing a new feature to our corner summer house pages: links to all the relevant customer reviews we can find for the building in question.  To make sure you have the whole picture, we don't discriminate between good and bad customer reviews.  We'll give you a link to all those we find.  Along with our own detailed features this will help provide you with valuable information on which to base your choice of summer house or log cabin.

And by the way - we've noticed that there's often a shortage of corner summer house or log cabin reviews to be found for many models.  If you do own a corner building please submit your review, good bad or indifferent, to us via our online review form and we'll make sure it's published to help future buyers.

(update - 17 May 2019)
Ardcastle Corner Cabin - Wickes' Super Deal

The Ardcastle is a real quality corner log cabin with some great space within its 10'x10' footprint.  The 28mm tongue and groove log construction coupled with a wooden floor and roof makes it a robust, durable option - not to mention its appealing looks and toughened glass windows.  And believe it or not, Wickes have slashed over £400 off their normal price for this great model meaning you can now buy the Ardcastle Cabin for a superb value £1600.  We don't know how long this will last - but we do know it's a great deal - check out the price guide in our Ardcastle Log Cabin feature to see if it's still available.

(update - 12 May 2019)
BillyOh Picton - Pressure Treatment Now Available

We've always had a high opinion of the 7' x 7' BillyOh Picton.  It's a value for money model which is big on looks and practicality.  But until now it was only available with a pre-delivery water based timber treatment, leaving it up to you to apply a final preservative finish to protect the wood.  Now, though, BillyOh have introduced a pressure treatment option which not only saves you this job, but should also be far more effective in prolonging the life of the building than a surface treatment applied by hand.  If you want to maintain the summer house's appearance, you'll still have to think about decoration but preservation is taken care of for you.  The pressure treatment does increase the price by around 20% but we still think it's good value and compares well with other similarly sized pressure treated models like the Arlington and Larkspur.

Check out all the details in our BillyOh Picton feature.

(update - 10 May 2019)
New on the Site

We've a great new model on the site for you this month in the form of the Mercia Corner Lodge Plus.  It's a superb corner model with an integrated shed/storage facility - not the cheapest on the market by any means - at the time of writing the best entry price we've found is £2599.99 - but you get a choice of specifications to suit your budget and we think it offers great value.  Definitely worth a look if you're in the market for a mid-priced summer house/storage solution.

(update - 4 May 2019)
May 2019

From this month we're adding a new feature to the Corner Summer House Guide.  We're constantly reviewing prices and trends as well as keeping a close eye on summer houses new to the market or older models which might be disappearing or becoming harder to find.  And to keep you up to date with this we're introducing this news feature to keep you regularly informed of any major price changes or new models - or any other information which we think might be of use to you, the corner summer house buyer.  We hope you'll find it of value.

Best wishes
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