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The Ecobase Fastfit
Pre-formed Base System

price and availability varies
*quoted price is indicative for a 4'x3' base (or otherwise the smallest available from the seller) - please note that sellers do occasionally change their prices without notice - please visit the seller to confirm the current price - delivery charges may also vary from area to area - be sure to check the seller's delivery charge to your address
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ecobase fastfit corner summerhouse base image
Price from £33.00

The Ecobase Fastfit Pre-formed
Corner Summerhouse Base

Style and Design
A sturdy and robust modular base system for corner summerhouses and other garden buildings, the Ecobase Fastfit system is formed in modular units each measuring 500 x500 mm.  It's often considered to be the UK's original plastic garden building system and the improved Fasfit version was first introduced in 2015.  The grids can be filled with gravel if desired, but they have been strength tested empty to 60 tonnes per unit meaning gravel is largely optional.  Generally a preventative weed membrane is included.

The units clip together in an interlocking system and can be cut to any shape required quickly and easily using just a hand saw.  This makes them ideal for corner summerhouses which tend not to be square or rectangular buildings. 
The system is formed in black, 100% recycled UK plastics which are non-toxic in nature.
Each individual unit measures 500 x 500mm with a height of 40mm.  The cells of the grid are nominally 70mm square and each grid weights approximately 1.4kg.  Generally the Fasfit system is available in packages which vary in size, generally beginning at 4' x 3'.  The base price for a single unit is often discounted as the number ordered increases.
See the details of sellers and prices given above.
Our Verdict
We see this as a very robust and very easy to assemble base unit system.  The grid shows good supporting qualities with its 60 tonnes per unit specification meaning it should be suitable for most corner summerhouses.  Whether or not you elect to fill the units located under your summerhouse with gravel/aggregate, we'd suggest you extend the overall base beyond the building by, say, 300mm or so and fill this overlap with gravel.  This will have the dual effect of assisting drainage of any water which may collect around the building and significantly reducing splashback onto its timbers.  This will help remove a major cause of deterioration to the lower woodwork of the building and should in the long run prolong the life of the structure.

Overall, installation of the system looks very straightforward compared to the hard work and effort of, say a paving or concrete foundation and you should only need the most basic of tools - not much more than a garden spade really, not forgetting a hand saw if you need to shape the base to match your building.  There are essentially two methods of laying the base.  If you don't want it to be particularly visible you can set it into the ground on a smoothly raked base covered with builder's sand.  The alternative is to place it on the surface, again on a layer of builder's sand to ensure it sits level.  There's a superb two minute installation video available (opens in a new window).  It'll take more than two minutes to install the base but it should be a relatively quick job as you'll see from the video.  We prefer the turf removal method ourselves as we feel is should give a more stable base straight away.  If you simply cover a grassy site with sand and construct the base on top, there's bound to be a slight process of settling as the grass dies and rots away.  Ultimately however the decision will be yours.  Just don't forget to lay the weed membrane below the base system when you're carrying out the work.

We've had a good look at the Ecobase Fastfit and can't really find any fault with it at all.  It's a good, strong, easy to assemble system which should be suitable for just about any corner summerhouse you're likely to find on the market.  You shouldn't encounter any major issues with installation - and although you will need to purchase builder's sand and possibly pea gravel to complete the job properly, you can do this easily enough without breaking the bank at a good diy supplier like Wickes or B&Q.  We also like the easy flexibility afforded by being able to cut the base to shape with a hand saw.  Five stars from us!


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Our Star Rating
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