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The Ecodeck
Pre-formed Base System

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The Ecodeck Pre-formed
Corner Summerhouse Base

Style and Design
A great alternative to old style concrete slabs as a base for your corner summerhouse, the Ecodeck system is available in grids which help to spread the load of the building, aid ventilation and provide a strong and durable foundation.  The grids come with a 25 year manufacturer's guarantee.

Installation is quick and easy - you can view the full instruction manual here (opens in a new window).  The following HD video too gives a great idea of the installation process and what you can use the system for (video opens in a new window).
The eco-friendly system is formed in black, UV resistant recycled plastic grids which lock together using a unique clip lock. The material is UV and freeze resistant and has a stability temperature range of -50 to 90C.  A weed suppressing membrane for use below the Ecodeck is supplied.  The system can be filled with gravel to increase stability, improve drainage and for visual effect, particularly if the base extends beyond the area of the building.
The individual grids measure 850 x 615 x 35 mm, 34'' x 24'', roughly the same as a 3' x 2' paving slab.  The system is available in packs to suit the size of your building and the units can be cut to size and shape quickly and easily using a hand saw. 
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Our Verdict
Composed of slightly larger grids than other pre-formed systems, you'll need less units of Ecodeck to form a base for your corner summerhouse - but at a depth of 35mm, the system won't give you quite as much ground clearance, drainage or ventilation as some alternatives of 40, 45 or even 50mm.  That said, the Ecodeck is still a very strong system with a high tonnage support capacity and UV and freeze resistant materials.

We don't really think you'll find much difficulty installing the Ecodeck, particularly when compared against a paving slab or solid concrete alternative.  The grid dimensions of approximately 3' x 2' correspond more or less to a standard paving slab - but that's where the comparison ends.  There's simply no correlation between the Ecodeck's lightweight construction and the weight of a concrete equivalent which can be up to 70kg!  You're likely to find that even smaller paving slabs of sufficient strength to support a summerhouse weigh up to 20kg.

So, the Ecodeck is good for your back - what else?  Well, it's durability is likely to outlast a standard pre-formed wooden base which is liable to deterioration from its permanent contact with ground moisture even if it's pressure treated.  And its support capacity should be sufficient for most summerhouses - though we'd strongly recommend you fill the grids with pea gravel.  Not only does this aid the strength and stability of the system, it increases the drainage qualities and reduces splashback where the base extends beyond the area of the building.  We'd suggest when installing the base that you design it to extend approximately 300mm beyond the edge of your summerhouse.  That way it will give you a neat finish to the border and reduce rainwater splashing back from the ground onto the woodwork.

You won't need that many tools to install the Ecodeck.  There's a video available here (opens in a new window) which lets you see what's involved and and just what you'll need.  If your buildings not rectangular in shape - and let's face it, most corner summerhouses aren't - you should add a handsaw to the list.  In common with other pre-formed plastic systems the Ecodeck can be cut to your precise requirements of size and shape.  One point coming out of customer reviews is that the clip system isn't particularly robust and it might be worth considering reinforcement of the joins between the grids with plastic ties - not significant extra work it must be said.  Other than this customer satisfaction looks good.  You can find plenty of reviews on Amazon which give you a good picture.

In conclusion, we think that in common with other plastic systems the Ecodeck has major advantages over a paved, concrete or wooden base - and you'll probably find it's cheaper than many of its competitors.  There's certainly no reason why we wouldn't recommend it for you corner summerhouse - although if you have a particularly large or heavy building or one that is sited in a wetter area a deeper base system might be preferable.  Taking everything into account - including the fact that it's 5, 10 or 15mm shallower that some other systems and the reported issues with the clip together system - we've awarded the Ecodeck 4 stars.  Maybe not the highest spec but economical and still a good buy. 
  easy to install


   joins may need reinforcement

  less depth than other systems
Our Star Rating
(4 out of 5 stars
Review by the Corner Summerhouse Guide)

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