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The Garden Room Pool House

Size; 10' x 10' (3.06 x 3.06m)

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The Garden Pool Room Pavilion Summerhouse

Style and Design

A superb high quality summerhouse with a rather slightly offbeat design, the Garden Room Pool House is equally at home by the swimming pool (if you're lucky enough to have one!) or tucked neatly into the corner of the garden.  Sitting nicely in the medium price range, the Pool House features two large fixed windows together with attractive bi-fold opening doors on two aspects.  These ensure a bright and airy interior with a commanding view of the garden.  There's plenty of interior space plus a contemporary styled pent roof for a nice modern look - making the Garden Room Pool House an attractive option all round.  It's not your usual corner summerhouse but it's definitely one worth considering if you're looking for something different but still practical.  Definitely a talking point
The Garden Pool Room is constructed in 12mm tongue and groove shiplap timber from FSC approved sources  mounted on 27 x 32mm framing.  Both roof and floor are similarly 12mm tongue and groove, the roof finished in roofing grade felt for weatherproofing and durability.  The windows are glazed in styrene for safety and there's a lock and key locking system for security.  
The summerhouse features a large 10' x 10' (3.06 x 3.06m) footprint with an accommodating headroom of 6'9'' (2067mm) rising to 6'11'' (2113) at the highest point.  This gives a large internal space with plenty of room for furniture and activities. The door opening height is 5'8'' (1720mm) and the width 3'9'' (1149mm). 
The Pool Room is dip treated prior to delivery and generally features a 10 year guarantee.  Note that it's not pressure treated and a further decorative preservative finish should be applied at the time of erection and on a regular basis thereafter to ensure longevity.
Options will vary between suppliers.  Expect however to find an installation option in some areas (at extra cost) and the option of diy preservative finishes.
The summerhouse is delivered for diy home assembly, preferably by at least two people.  The windows and doors are pre-installed to keep constructioon work to a minimum.
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