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The Greenacre or Aspen
3x3m Corner Summerhouse

Size; 9'11'' x 9'11'' (3 x 3m)

price and availability varies
*please note that sellers do occasionally change their prices without notice - please visit the seller to confirm the current price - delivery charges may also vary from area to area - be sure to check the seller's delivery charge to your address
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greenacre 3x3 corner summerhouse image
Price from £2000.00

The Greenacre or Aspen 3x3m Corner Summerhouse

Style and Design
A classy and spacious 3 x 3 metre corner summerhouse in a traditional five sided style with a pyramid roof, opening windows and a single glazed door, the Greenacre allows the optimum use of garden space for outdoor living.  You can see a video showing a 360 degree view of the building here.  Note that although you may see versions online with Georgian style windows, from 2017 the Greenacre has been manufactured with single sheet, safety glass windows.  You'll find this one badged as both the Greenacre and the Alpine Aspen depending on the seller.
The Greenacre is constructed in sturdy 28mm Baltic pine tongue and groove cladding with a 19mm floor and roof and 44mm roof joists for strength, stability and durability.  The roof is covered in heavy duty mineral felt while the windows are glazed with Safety Glass approved to BS EN stardards.  For security the door is fitted with a mortice lock.
The building measures 2.12m (6'11'') at the eaves and 2.8m (9'2'') at the apex of the roof.  The door opening is an ample 0.92m (3'0'') by 1.95m (6'4'').
The Greenacre is delivered untreated as standard.  A suitable finish will require to be applied by the purchaser.
Options vary between suppliers and will typically include an ecobase, lighting, preservative/paints, double glazing and the opportunity to upgrade to superior roofing felt or shingles and 34 or 44mm log cladding.  The model in the illustration if fitted with charcoal roof shingles.
The Greenacre is delivered with full instructions ready for assembly and treatment by the purchaser. 
See the details of sellers and prices given above.
Our Verdict
The Greenacre 3x3 is a tough, solid corner summerhouse, competitively priced and unlikely to let you down.  The 28mm interlocking tongue and groove log cladding is a major step up from the 12mm shiplap found in budget models and results not only in a robust, stable structure but also gives a pleasing appearance.  If you have the budget any available upgrade to 34 or 44mm cladding is certainly worth considering although this is likely to significantly add to the cost and we think the 28mm finish is perfectly adequate and great value at the lower end of the scale.

As you would expect in its price range, both the floor and roof of the Greenacre comprise tongue and groove timber rather than sheet OSB.  Here the wood used is substantial 19mm boarding which will produce strong, durable flooring and roofing.  The roof is finished off with heavy duty mineral felt and overall the interlocking tongue and groove structure should result in a strong, durable and weatherproof finish.  The summerhouse should be reasonably secure also with the mortice lock supplied as standard.

If you're browsing around you may still see illustrations online of the Greenacre with Georgian styled windows.  This is the older style and the 3x3 has since the start of the 2017 season been offered with single pane windows only - in response we understand to customer demand.  Although the newer style glazing may give the Greenacre a more contemporary look we do feel some of the character of the Georgian style has been sacrificed.  You may however find that some sellers offer a Georgian bar upgrade.  This allows a wooden 'grid' to be screwed to the window frame to produce a Georgian effect.

The windows are glazed in toughened glass - a highly desirable safety feature - and some sellers will offer a double glazing upgrade.  The glass windows are a real improvement on the styrene offered in cheaper models.  Glass is more resistant to scuffing and scratching and will help add to the rigidity of the structure.  Safety glass is ideal.

One slight downside is that the timbers of the Greenacre are untreated.  Although this will allow you to apply whatever finish you prefer, it does mean that you will have quite a time consuming job ahead of you applying a good quality timber preservative to the woodwork immediately after delivery.  This is however an essential task and mustn't be neglected if the appearance of the cabin is to be preserved and the benefit of any guarantees offered enjoyed.  You should note that even treated wood will quickly take on a weathered look when exposed to the elements and we would recommend the application of a decorative finish or stain to keep the building looking good.  As with all timber buildings the finish will require maintenance from time to time.

Assembly of the Greenacre 3x3 should not be particularly difficult although it is likely to be fairly time consuming - and we'd certainly recommend the job be undertaken by two people.  The cabin is delivered in lengths of tongue and groove timber which will require to be individually put together - and you will need to allow time to apply the decorative/preservative finish before the building can be put to use fully.  The end result will however be well worth the time spent.

We think the Greenacre 3x3 offers great value along with quality and style.   We've awarded it 4.5 stars.  With pressure treated timbers it would get the full 5.  And if the 3x3 isn't roomy enough for you, do have a look at the larger Greenacre 4x4.  You get the same quality, style and value for money - just with more summerhouse! 
  28mm interlocking log construction

  19mm tongue and groove floor and roof

  toughened glass
   timbers untreated
Our Star Rating
(4.5 out of 5 stars
Review by the Corner Summerhouse Guide)

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