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The Hampton Corner Summerhouse

Sizes; 7'x7', 8'x8' and 10'x10'

7' x 7'
8' x 8'
10' x 10'
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Price from £762.99

The Hampton Corner Summerhouse

Style and Design
Marketed as a budget corner summerhouse, square foot for square foot the Hampton is certainly one of the cheaper - and more popular - models on the market.  It's manufactured in a traditional corner style with large Georgian windows and double doors.  It's not available in the compact 6' x 6' range but with sizes from 7' x 7' to 10' x 10' you get plenty summerhouse for your money.  There's no shortage of suppliers to choose from for this highly popular corner summerhouse.  The Barclay corner summerhouse is a similarly priced alternative designed along the same lines but without the Georgian windows.
The walls and floor of the Hampton are constructed of 12mm Siberian FSC Kiln dried tongue & groove shiplap cladding on a 35 x 35mm planed softwood framework.  The roof is quality 11mm OSB (oriented strand board - board formed by layering strands or flakes of wood in specific directions).

Windows and doors are fully glazed with 3mm horticultural glass although some sellers may offer toughened glass - check the description before ordering.  The doors are secured with a padbolt ready for a suitable padlock to be fitted. 

Being a budget model, experience shows that there may sometimes be a few rough edges to the Hampton which require to be finished off prior to decoration.  That's probably to be expected of most natural wood products however and shouldn't put the average handyman off.
The summerhouse is available in three sizes;  7' x 7' ( 2.13 x 2.13m), 8' x 8' (2.43 x 2.43m) and 10' x 10' (3.05 x 3.05m).   The building is 6' 5'' (1.98m) at the eaves rising to 7' 1'' (2.15m) at the ridge.  The double door opening measures 5' 7'' (1.75m) by 4' 5'' (1.36m).
The summerhouse is treated on both sides with a water based honey brown basecoat prior to delivery.  An appropriate finish will require to be applied at the time of construction.

The Hampton is delivered for easy diy assembly.  Construction should take two people around 3 to 5 hours.  Here's a link to the full assembly instructions to let you see exactly what's involved in the process (opens in a new window).
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Our Verdict
We rate the Hampton highly as a great value budget corner summerhouse.  Its design can't really be faulted on either aesthetic or practical grounds.  The Georgian style is undeniably attractive and the double opening doors to the front and opening windows to the side are ideal for access and ventilation.  The interior will remain bright and when necessary well ventilated and overall the summerhouse should be a real asset.

Being a budget model there are certain things you have to accept.  The 12mm cladding is the minimum specification you are likely to find in a summerhouse and some of the finishes, particularly around the window frames may be a little rough.  With this grade of cladding knotholes and the odd split are more likely to occur so you may have to look at carrying out a little filling in.  In addition, there's a water based dip treatment only which means that you'll have to apply a further preservative/decorative finish at the time of construction and maintain this on a  regular basis.

Having said this though, the 35 x 35mm framing should give you a robust building once everything is firmly screwed together and the floor is real tongue and groove wood rather than the more water damage prone OSB flooring often found in cheaper models.  True the roof is OSB in construction but properly applied roofing felt should avoid any great problem here.  And realistically you wouldn't expect anything other than a water based preliminary treatment to a summerhouse in the Hampton's price range.  Just be sure to apply a good quality final finish at the time of construction and to keep an eye on it for any deterioration. 

Construction is reasonably straightforward.  The walls and floor come in pre formed panels to ease construction and the assembly instructions are clear and well illustrated - you can see them here to get a clear idea of what's involved.  Most of the assembly can actually be undertaken by one person but two people should speed up the process and will be needed at times for safety.  Nothing should present any major obstacle to the average diy'er although installing the windows looks to be a bit of a fiddly exercise and you'll have to be careful not to damage the glass when fixing the securing battens with panel pins.

As we've mentioned above, some users have mention roughness to the finish in places.  We'd recommend buying some decent quality sandpaper and ironing out any blemishes at the time of construction prior to decoration.  It's worth spending a little time on the finish and filling any knotholes and splits you might find - this will pay dividends in the long run.

You won't find many other corner summerhouses to beat the Hampton in terms of value.  It's popular and widely available - and there can be huge variations in price - up to 60% in some cases.  So be sure to check out our price guide above.  If you're looking for something to compare the Hampton against, the Larkspur,
  Barclay,  Standard and Premier 7x7  and 8x8  and  Premier 9x9 corner summerhouses are worth checking out. You don't get the opening side windows with these though.

Although there may be classier models around at a price, we can't fault the Hampton as an attractive, robust and practical budget building which will give you plenty of summerhouse for your money.  As a value building the Hampton gets four stars from the Corner Summerhouse Guide!  It's probably the most widely available summerhouse online in the UK so you shouldn't have any difficulty finding one.


  opening windows

  choice of sizes

   wooden floor
   finish may have a few rough edges

  dip treatment only

   tricky window assembly
Our Star Rating
(4 out of 5 stars
Review by the Corner Summerhouse Guide)

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Reviews received by The Corner  Summerhouse Guide

Peter Turver
7 September 2020

Hampton 8x8 I erect sheds and summerhouses for a living and would of expected to have erected this with another person and fully glazed it .in about 6 hours ..16 hours later still got 1 side window to glaze .but new door furniture .purchase a new door footplate as one provided is scrap wood..found about 7 nails protruding through of the window frames is shoddily cut ..the front eave above door was undercut one end overhang other..I told the customer it's worthy of a November bonfire

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