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The Jagram Georgian Hexagonal Summerhouse

Sizes; 6'11'' x 6' (2.1 x 1.82m), 7'10'' x 6'10'' (2.4 x 2.08m) and 8'10'' x 7'7'' (2.7 x 2.32m)

2.1 x 1.82m
2.4 x 2.08m
2.7 x 2.32m
*please note that sellers do occasionally change their prices without notice - please visit the seller to confirm the current price - delivery charges may also vary from area to area - be sure to check the seller's delivery charge to your address
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Price from £4699.00

The Jagram Georgian Hexagonal Summerhouse

Style and Design
A lovely hexagonal summerhouse, ideal for the corner of the garden, the quality built Jagram Georgian features  nice wooden detail with attractive diamond leaded style windows.  It also comes with optional bitumen roof tiles for a touch of real class, an integrated wooden floor and a beautiful roof finial to round off an overall impression of style and elegance.
The Jagram Georgian features high quality construction throughout with the use of pressure treated tongue and groove Northern European redwood in the construction coupled with 4mm toughened window glass and brass door fittings.  The integral floor is of softwood construction and the roof finish features a choice of  green or black bitumen felt tiles.  For good measure there's an integral door lock too with a brass escutcheon and top hinged opening sections in the windows.
For flexibility the summerhouse is available in three sizes measured  width x depth; 6'11'' x 6' (2.1 x 1.82m), 7'10'' x 6'10'' (2.4 x 2.08m) and 8'10'' x 7'7'' (2.7 x 2.32).  Roof heights in each size are respectively 9'2'', 9'7'' and 10'2'' (2.82, 2.95 and 3.1m) measured to the top of the finial.
The Jagram Georgian features pressure treated timbers which the manufacturers' guarantee will resist attack by decay, weathering and insects for a period of ten years when properly assembled and used.  As such, no further treatment or decoration should be required following assembly.
An assembly/installation service may be available in some areas while bitumen roof tiles in black or green are an optional extra. Please note that the manufacturers do not guarantee that the summerhouse roof will remain wind and weatherproof if roof tiles are not fitted.  Wooden garden building benches may also be available at additional cost.
The building is delivered with all necessary fixings and full instructions for diy home assembly.
See the details of sellers and prices given above.
Our Verdict
Priced in the £2,500 range, Jagram's Georgian Hexagonal summerhouse certainly isn't a budget model.  But it does have a number of appealing features which justify the price tag.  Overall the appearance is attractive in a traditional manner.  The diamond styling in the windows catches the eye and affords a certain degree of privacy while the apex roof with its gentle slopes internal vaulted ceiling and decorative finial rounds off the design nicely.  We like the opening windows which are ideal for ventilation but don't compromise on security and the 4mm toughened glass is a decent specification for this type of building.

The standard of construction is good and its ideal to see pressure treated timbers used in the build.  You'd expect this at the price but it's good to see it confirmed and backed up with a ten year guarantee.  Tongue and groove design is used throughout to boost weatherproofing and we're please to see that although the roof covering of green or black bitumen felt tiles is sometimes listed as an extra, there's no additional charge.  It's perhaps stating the obvious but do remember to choose roof tiles.  Although it might look quite attractive, your roof is unlikely to be watertight without them despite the tongue and groove joints!

There's some real quality evident in the door furniture too with brass fittings, including a useful door stay to hold the door open on a warm day - something so often overlooked.  And there's a nice interior wooden bench set which you can also order - although unlike the roof tiles there's an additional charge for these where they're available.

We like the flexibility afforded by the three sizes on offer which mean that there should be a model available to fit most requirements.  There's not too much variation in price between the sizes either and this isn't always the case with corner summerhouses.  Note too that the height varies between the compact, medium and large versions which helps keep the dimensions of each model in proportion.

Jagram provide a download link to enable you to view the manual for their Georgian summerhouse in advance of ordering.  Disappointingly however the link wasn't operational at the time of this review but we have contacted Jagram about this and hopefully they will rectify the situation.  You can check out the current status of the link here.  Although we do like to see a facility to view summerhouse assembly instructions in advance, we must say that having closely studied the design of the Georgian we're pretty confident that the average diy'er wouldn't find assembly of the building too challenging.  It might however be a little time consuming and we'd estimate that at least two adults will be required to complete the installation project.

In conclusion, we see plenty to like about the Jagram Georgian.  It's not the cheapest hexagonal corner summerhouse available online by any means - nor is it the most widely available - but it will certainly add a real touch of sophistication to your garden.  For the money you should get a good, solid garden building in weather resistant materials with a choice of roof finishes and some classy features; diamond leaded style windows, brass door furnishings and an overall visually appealing style.  If you find the leaded windows too much or are looking to save a little cash have a look at the Jagram Victorian.  It's avery similar building but without the leaded window style.  Or for a slightly different design with the same Jagram quality try the Jagram Harrogate.  Two sizes here which are broadly the equivalent of the medium or large sized Georgian.  Other non Jagram models worth checking out are the similarly designed  Henley - available in 9' x 8' and the slightly cheaper (and octagonal) Veronica.  We think the Jagram models take the biscuit though and see no reason not to award the Georgian a full house five stars - assuming you have the budget!
  attractive design

  wooden floor

  4mm toughened glass

  brass fittings

  choice of sizes
   can't download instructions in advance

   may be beyond some budgets
Our Star Rating
(5 out of 5 stars
Review by the Corner Summerhouse Guide)

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