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The Jagram Harrogate Hexagonal Summerhouse

Sizes; 7'10'' x 6'10'' (2.4 x 2.08m) and 7'7'' x 8'10'' x 7'7''  (2.7 x 2.35m)

2.4 x 2.08m
2.7 x 2.35m
*please note that sellers do occasionally change their prices without notice - please visit the seller to confirm the current price - delivery charges may also vary from area to area - be sure to check the seller's delivery charge to your address
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Price from £3689.00

The Jagram Harrogate Hexagonal Summerhouse

Style and Design
The Harrogate is one of a trio of high end hexagonal summerhouses from Jagram each of which is ideally suited to the corner of the garden and exudes quality, class and sophistication.  The others, which are also featured on the Corner Summerhouse Guide are the Georgian and the Victorian.  The Harrogate, which is available in two sizes, sports a highly attractive external appearance with a tiled roof, double doors and large paned windows which ensure a bright cheerful interior.  The windows open to allow for air and ventilation on a hot day and the double doors are equipped with useful door stays to save them from swinging in the wind if left open in breezy conditions.  With its integral floor and attractive vaulted ceiling the Jagram Harrogate is the perfect outdoor living space. 
The Harrogate is constructed in pressure treated Northern European redwood throughout.  The floor features heavy duty 20mm floor boards on 65mm joists for support and the roof is finished in attractive weatherproof asphalt tiles.  The door fittings are brass and for security the door is fitted with an integral mortice lock.  The windows are glazed on substantial 4mm toughened glass to round off a high quality construction. 
A choice of building footprint sizes is available.  Medium measures up at 7'10'' x 6'10'' (2.4 x 2.08m) and Large at 8'10'' x 7'7'' (2.7 x 2.35m).  The heights to the top of the wooden roof finial are; Medium - 11'6'' (2.95m) and Large - 12'2'' (3.1m).
The timbers of the Harrogate are pressure treated with an advanced formula to provide protection against attack by damp, rot and other pests.  Properly erected and maintained, the building carries a 10 manufacturer's warranty.
Usually you'll find a choice of roof tile colours - black or green - is available.  Assembly options are available in some areas at additional cost and you may find some sellers offer purpose built Jagram wooden benches.
The Summerhouse is delivered ready for diy home assembly.  Full instructions are provided along with all necessary fittings.
See the details of sellers and prices given above.
Our Verdict
The Jagram Harrogate certainly gives the impression of style and quality - and we think this is well justified.  It's definitely not a budget model and will set you back considerably more than an economy hexagonal model such as  Shire's Gazebo. but we really do think it's in a different class and that there's no real comparison between the two.  The six sided design is ideal for a garden corner and the exterior of the building features some thoughtful touches.

You'll find brass fittings on the doors and a couple of useful stays to hold them open and stop them banging about when the wind blows.  So often these are lacking in other models and you have to go to the trouble of fitting your own.  The asphalt tiles too are a nice feature - far more aesthetically pleasing than the standard shed felt finish of many cheaper summerhouses - and you get a choice of colours into the bargain.  And the exterior is rounded off by that wooden roof finial which is perfectly in keeping with the summerhouse's overall style.

The standard of construction shouldn't let you down either.  We particularly like the pressure treated wood and 10 year guarantee which will substantially reduce maintenance and provide peace of mind at the same time.  The 20mm floor timbers and 65mm bearers are a decent specification and much higher than you might expect to find in a budget model.  And the 4mm toughened glass in the windows is ideal from a security and safety point of view.  Cheaper summerhouses are often glazed in horticultural glass or styrene, both of which have their drawbacks.  Safety is the obvious concern with ordinary horticultural glass while styrene, though generally adequate from the point of view of safety and suitability is far more prone than toughened glass to damage by scuffs and scratching.  The windows of the Harrogate should give you clear uninterrupted views of the garden for the life of the summerhouse (as long as they are kept clean of course!).

The Harrogate is available in two sizes which offers some flexibility in finding the ideal dimensions to fit the corner of your garden.  Each offers good internal space and commodious headroom thanks to a nicely designed vaulted ceiling.  The double doors will allow you to easily move in your outdoor furniture and, indeed, some sellers offer purpose built Jagram summerhouse furniture - though this does come at additional cost.

Assembly of the building certainly looks as if it should be reasonably straightforward and full instructions are provided at delivery along with all necessary fittings.  We do think you will need some basic diy skills though along with a selection of tools to help you put the summerhouse together.  We'd suggest as a minimum; a power screwdriver and drill, spirit level, hammer, tape measure, craft knife and sandpaper for any rough edges you might find (being a natural wooden building there may be one or two).  You'll also need a stepladder to help you install the roof safely along with at least one adult assistant.  We think that although it shouldn't be particularly challenging, assembly will take some time so you should allow at least a full day to finish  the process.

And on the issue of assembly, we're disappointed to note that at the time of reviewing the Harrogate the link to the assembly instructions on the manufacturer's website is inoperative.  We've contacted Jagram about this but it remains to be seen if they do anything to rectify the situation.  You can check the link out to see if it's been put right here.

Other than this, which is more of a quibble about the Jagram website than a comment on the quality or characteristics of the summerhouse itself, we can't really find fault with the Harrogate at all.  It's an attractive design backed by a quality build and has all the features you would want - and expect - to find in a corner summerhouse nearer the top end of the price range.  It's certainly a higher budget model but what you will get is a solid, substantial, great looking summerhouse with good safety and security backed by a manufacturer's anti-rot guarantee - what's not to like?  We've no hesitation in awarding the Jagram Harrogate the full five corner summerhouse stars.
  pressure treated wood

  toughened glass windows

  attractive styling

  substantial construction
   may be outwith some budgets

   assembly manual not available online
Our Star Rating
(5 out of 5 stars
Review by the Corner Summerhouse Guide)

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