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The Mercia Corner Lodge Grande

Size; 17' x 10' (5 x 3m)

28mm log cladding**
34mm log cladding**
44mm log cladding**
*please note that sellers do occasionally change their prices without notice - please visit the seller to confirm the current price - delivery charges may also vary from area to area - be sure to check the seller's delivery charge to your address

**prices quoted are for single glazing -  double glazed options may also be available
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mercia corner lodge grande image
Price from £3399.99

The Mercia Corner Lodge Grande

Style and Design
The creme de la creme of the Mercia range, the Corner Lodge Grande offers sophisticated outdoor living in a stunning log cabin available in a choice of specifications.  The large glass windows assure a cheerful, bright interior and can be opened for ventilation on a hot day, while the interlocking log construction and felt finished roof ensure superb resistance to the elements.  The building's elongated corner design will fit nicely into the garden and provides a real touch of class at a realistic price.  Take a 360 degree tour of a Lodge with the older style Georgian windows with this great promotional video (opens in a new window).
The Lodge is constructed of interlocking timber logs available in three specifications:  28mm, 34mm or 44mm.  The timber is planed smooth and comes from FSC approved sources.  The floor and roof comprise 19mm tongue and groove boards while the windows are glazed in EN certified 4mm safety glass for security and peace of mind.  There's a mortice lock and key for the front doors and the materials used overall are of a high standard.
The footprint of the Corner Lodge Grande extends to some 17' x 10' (5 x 3m) externally with internal measurements of approximately 15'6'' x  9' (4.75 x 2.75m).  This gives the Lodge around 139.5 square feet/13 square metres of inside living space.  There's an internal headroom of 8'4'' (2.54m) at the highest point while the overall external height is 9' (2.74m).  The doorway is an accommodating 6'3 x 5'1 (1.9 x 1.56m).

These measurements will vary slightly depending on the specification of logs chosen but that will give you the general idea.
The timbers of the Corner Lodge are untreated so it will be necessary to apply a suitable preservative/decorative finish at the time of construction in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.  The building carries a 10 year anti rot warranty conditional upon the application and maintenance of a suitable timber treatment.
As mentioned above, the Lodge is available in a choice of log specifications.  With most sellers you will also be able to select a double glazed version for added luxury and you may also find a choice of roof finishes and an installation service at additional cost.
Unless an installation option is purchased the building will be delivered flat packed for home DIY assembly by two adults..  Full instructions and all necessary fittings and fixtures are supplied but you will need to consider the provision of a suitable base.  Have a look at our feature on Corner Summerhouse Bases for some ideas (opens in a new window).
See the details of sellers and prices given above.
Our Verdict
We think this is a superb mid-priced corner lodge giving you great value and a quality build.  The Corner Lodge Grande is a real step up from 12mm tongue and groove budget models with its interlocking log build producing a strong and durable structure with good weather resistance.  As we mention above, the logs are available in a choice of three specifications.  The 28mm cladding will do the job perfectly well and produce a building with great integrity and visual appeal and these qualities will increase if you upgrade to either the 34 or 44mm version.

One thing to bear in mind is that the size of the lodge and the specification of the materials will produce a pretty heavy garden building, with the weight increasing along with the thickness of the logs.  It won't be possible to move the building once it's assembled so you'll need to give some thought to the location and to a suitable base.  We'd suggest you take a look at our feature on Corner Summerhouse Bases (page opens in a new window).  There you'll find a selection of pre formed bases in recycled plastic which lend themselves well to this type of building and should involve you in much less work than a more traditional slab or concrete foundation.

The quality of the timber isn't really in question but note that it doesn't receive any treatment prior to delivery.  It's essential therefore that a suitable preservative/decorative treatment be applied at the time of assembly.  We'd recommend you do this just before the Lodge is erected so you're able to easily reach all those parts that might be difficult to get to when the building is up.  This will involve a fair bit of work but it's an essential task and will pay dividends in the long run.  And remember, the application and maintenance of a suitable preservative is an essential condition of the 10 year anti-rot guarantee offered by the manufacturer.

No issues with the windows either.  The use of safety glass is reassuring - but really it's just what you'd expect in this category of building - and the double glazing option is a chance to add a touch of luxury, particularly if you live in a colder area.  The windows open too which is great for ventilation on a hot day.  A good tip is to leave them slightly ajar during the winter months as well to help reduce the risk of condensation building up inside the cabin.  The door's a good size and should easily be able to accommodate your summerhouse furniture, while the mortice style lock and key adds to the overall feeling of solidity and security.  And to round it off, the floor and roof are a decent grade of tongue and groove boarding.  Roofing grade felt is the standard supplied roof covering and will give you a fine finish and good weather resistance.  You may find one or two sellers offering felt shingles as an optional extra but we wouldn't necessarily recommend these.  Although they can have visual appeal they are time consuming to apply and rainwater can penetrate beneath in strong winds, particularly if the lodge is sited in an exposed location.

When it comes to putting the Lodge Grande together, note that unlike budget models, the walls don't consist of pre-formed panels and will have to be constructed out of the interlocking logs from the ground up.  This will make erection of the building a fairly time consuming - though not overly complicated exercise.  It's not really a one man job - you'll need at least one adult helper - and we'd estimate that construction will take at least a full day.  And don't forget to allow time in addition for the preparation of a suitable base and the essential job of applying a preservative finish.

We think the Mercia Corner Lodge Grande is a good choice if you're looking for something a class up from the standard economy summerhouse but don't have the budget to extend to a more expensive top of the range model such as, say, the Bertsch Penta 7.  There are one or two similar models which incorporate a shed - the Villandry, Corner Lodge Plus or Pickering for example - but for a pure corner summerhouse in this size we don't think there's much around to rival Mercia's Corner Lodge Grande in terms of quality and specification matched with value.  You'll have to spend some time applying and maintaining a final preservative/decorative finish and we did consider docking it half a star for this.  In the end however we've taken the view that as this is an issue common to the vast majority of outdoor buildings it would be unfair to single out the Corner Lodge Grande - so it's a full five stars from us.  If you're looking for something of these dimensions in this price range we don't see any reason not to buy.

Oh - and one last point.  The Lodge is available in either a right hand or a left hand version - so you'll need to decide on the location before you buy - and take care to order the correct model!
  quality of build

  visual appeal


  choice of specifications

   need to apply preservative

   time consuming assembly
Our Star Rating
(4 out of 5 stars
Review by the Corner Summerhouse Guide)

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