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The Mercia Corner Lodge Plus
Corner Cabin with Shed

Size; 17' x 10' (5 x 3m)

28mm log cladding
price and availability varies
34mm log cladding
price and availability varies
44mm log cladding
price and availability varies
*please note that sellers do occasionally change their prices without notice - please visit the seller to confirm the current price - delivery charges may also vary from area to area - be sure to check the seller's delivery charge to your address
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Price from £3499.99

The Mercia Corner Lodge Plus
Corner Cabin with Shed

Style and Design
A stunning mid priced corner building combining a bright, spacious corner summerhouse with practical, useful and secure storage space, the Mercia Corner Lodge Plus is one of the leading models in its price range.  With quality materials used throughout and a contemporary log cabin design, the Corner Lodge Plus makes a spectacular addition to any garden and, properly installed and looked after, will give you years of service.  You can view a great all round video of this superb corner summerhouse here (opens in a new window).  There's a choice of left and right hand models making the building suitable for any garden.
Corner Lodge Plus is completed in interlocking timber cladding available in three specifications depending on your requirements and budget.  Windows are glazed in safety glass and can be single or double glazed to your choice.  The roof and floor are constructed of real 19mm (nominal) tongue and groove interlocking boards, the roof finished in mineralised felt for additional weatherproofing.  The doors feature key locks for security of your belongings.
The overall footprint of the building is 17' x 10' (5m x 3m).  The height at the eaves is 7'9'' (2.37m) which increases to  8'11'' (2.74m) at the ridge.  The door opening measures up at 5'1'' x 6'6''.
The timbers of the Corner Lodge Plus do not receive any treatment prior to delivery.  You will require to apply a preservative/decorative treatment at the time of assembly and maintain this on a regular basis throughout the life of the building.  The 10 years manufacturer's guarantee is conditional upon this being done.
The building is available in three cladding specifications: 28mm, 34mm and 44mm and there are single and double glazing options for the windows.  You may also find a choice of roof coverings, Georgian window bars and installation options available at additional cost.
The Corner Lodge Plus is delivered with all necessary fittings and full instructions for home assembly.
See the details of sellers and prices given above.
Our Verdict
A real quality garden log cabin with an integral store, Mercia's Corner Lodge Plus is the ideal solution for the corner summerhouse buyer looking for something a level up from a budget tongue and groove shiplap model without breaking the bank.  There's plenty of style and practicality and the building will certainly make a stunning addition to your garden.  You get some good outdoor living space along with a useful shed which is a decent size and will keep your belongings out of site and secure.

The quality of build isn't in question.  The 28mm log construction will give you a solid, robust and durable building, particularly when combined with the tongue and groove floor and roofing and these qualities will only increase with the higher 34 and 44mm specifications.  There's safety glass too, which you would admittedly be expecting in this price range, and the double glazing option is great for those areas where the weather tends to be colder.  The mineralised roofing felt will give a nice finish to the roof, as well as reinforcing the general weather resistance of the cabin and the materials used contribute to the all round style of the building.  You might find felt shingles available as an alternative roofing option but a word of caution here.  These can be time consuming to apply and we have seen reports of felt shingles in general being susceptible to lifting and allowing water to penetrate below in strong winds.  Undeniably they give a classy looking finish but you may have to live with these other issues if you decide to install them.

One point you'll have to pay close attention to is the application of a suitable preservative/decorative finish to the timbers of the Corner Lodge Plus.  The woodwork receives no treatment prior to delivery so you're starting from scratch here.  If you need any ideas, have a look at our feature on Decorating and Preserving your Corner Summerhouse for more information (opens in a new window).  There's a 10 year manufacturer's guarantee on the building which you'll only be able to take advantage of if you properly apply preservative at the time of assembly and maintain it on a regular basis.  We don't see this as a great issue.  The vast majority of corner summerhouses come untreated or with only a base treatment - even some of the most expensive ones - so it's something you're likely to have to attend to whichever garden building you choose.  In fact, even where a summerhouse is pressure treated prior to delivery, the wood will take on a worn and weathered look when exposed to the elements so the application of at least a decorative finish is probably advisable even in these cases.

Assembly of the Corner Lodge Plus will be a little more complex and time consuming than with your average budget cabin in that the walls don't come in pre-formed panels but comprise interlocking logs which require to be put together individually.  It's not a particularly complicated process - it just takes a little time - and as long as you bear this in mind and pay close attention to the instructions you shouldn't have any problems or unexpected surprises.  We'd suggest you consider applying your preservative/decorative finish before you actually assemble the building.  This will enable you to easily reach all the parts - including those which might be difficult or impossible to reach once the Lodge is up.  Pay particular attention to the underside of the floor and the roof (before you apply the felt).  These are the areas most likely to be susceptible to attack by moisture.  And in relation to the roof be sure to check the instructions on your preservative to see if there's any requirement to allow a set drying period before applying any covering such as roofing felt.  It's unlikely but some finishes might react with the felt if they're not properly dried before it's fitted.

The construction standards lead to a heavy building with the weight increasing for the 34 and 44mm models.  This means you'll have to give some thought to a suitable base.  Have a look at our feature on Corner Summerhouse Bases for some ideas (opens in a new window).  We think a summerhouse like the Corner Lodge Plus lends itself well to one of the pre-formed plastic base systems now on the market.  These tend to use recycled plastic to you'd be doing your bit for the environment too.

Taking everything into account, we think the Corner Lodge Plus is a great choice for a mid-priced corner summerhouse with an integrated shed.  Yes it's a little more expensive than the standard budget tongue and groove model but if you can afford it, the step up in quality is significant and may save you considerably in repairs and replacement in the long run.  The choice of left and right handed models makes it nicely versatile - but it does mean you'll have to decide on the location before ordering and will probably have to stick to it.  It will take a little time to put up but in our opinion the quality and durability of the finished article makes it worth it.  Yes, it's essential to apply a preservative finish at the time of assembly and to maintain this regularly but that's largely goes with the territory when it comes to wooden garden buildings and it's not something too hold against the Corner Lodge Plus. If you're looking for an alternative, we think the Tiger Vibrissa is probably the closest.  Bertsch's Penta 3 is just too expensive in our view.  But  we doubt you can do better than Mercia's Corner Lodge Plus when it comes to quality combined with value for money.  It gets five stars from us.
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Our Star Rating
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