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Standard and Premier 8'x8' Corner Summerhouses

Size; 8'x8'

price and availability varies
price and availability varies
price and availability varies
*please note that sellers do occasionally change their prices without notice - please visit the seller to confirm the current price - delivery charges may also vary from area to area - be sure to check the seller's delivery charge to your address
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Price from £959.97

Standard and Premier 8'x8' Corner Summerhouses

Style and Design
As with their 7'x7' counterparts these bestselling summerhouses are marketed under various names and occasionally with minor stylistic differences. they are designed in an attractive traditional corner style with a pent roof and double doors.  The full length windows in the walls and doors to ensure maximum sunlight and a clear view of your garden.  This promotional video will give you a great idea of the summerhouse's features and appearance (video opens in a new window).
Both the Standard and Premier 8' x 8' corner summerhouses are constructed in sturdy 12mm tongue and groove cladding on a 28 x 28mm frame.  Both are fitted with mortise and tenon double doors and the windows are glazed in 2.5mm styrene for safety.  For security the doors feature chrome plated push handles and a key operated rim lock or, depending on the supplier, a lever handle with integrated lock.

The Standard model is fitted with a roof of 8mm and floor of 10mm solid sheet board.  The Premier version features a roof and floor of 10mm and 12mm tongue and groove board respectively.  Essentially this is the only difference between the two summerhouses. We'd recommend that if your budget will stretch that far you choose the Premier summerhouse for greater durability and stability.
The summerhouse is 6' 3'' (1.9m) high at the eaves rising to 6' 7'' (2.0m) at the highest point.  The double door opening is 3' 11'' (1.2m) by 5' 9'' (1.75m).  Internally the building measures 7' 9'' x 7' 9'' (2.37 x 2.37m)
A suitable wood treatment will require to be applied at the time of construction and at regular intervals thereafter to obtain the benefit of any guarantee. 
An "eco easy" plastic base and numerous other accessories may be available at extra cost depending on the supplier.
The summerhouse is delivered with full instructions and fittings ready for diy assembly, preferably by a minimum of two people.  Here's a download of the assembly instructions so you can get a good idea of what's involved and any tools you will need before delivery (instructions open in a new window).
See the details of sellers and prices given above.
Our Verdict
These are essentially larger versions of the Standard and Premier 7x7 corner summerhouses and the construction and comments we offer on these are equally valid here.

Overall the appearance is simple and uncomplicated.  A standard pentagonal design with a pent roof and large fixed windows in the walls and double doors.  The chrome plated handles and key operated rim lock are a welcome feature and an improvement on the hasp and staple arrangement you find on some economy summerhouses.  The chrome plated lever handle with integrated lock offered by some sellers is equally welcome.  The large windows too are attractive and will ensure that the summerhouse is always bright inside.  They are fixed however and won't open for ventilation although a door can always be left open on a hot day.  You won't get the same privacy as you would in a summerhouse with smaller windows but this may not be an issue depending on where the building is located.  It's a fairly easy operation to install window screens if this is a cause for concern.

The structure of the Standard and Premier 8x8 is about what you would expect in an economy model.  The 12mm cladding and 28 x 28mm framing are not in themselves particularly heavy duty but properly assembled they should give you a structure which is robust and durable.  This grade of cladding does tend to be more susceptible to splits and knotholes than thicker types however and you may find there's some filling and smoothing off of rough edges to be carried out at the time of construction.  Safety glazing is essential in windows of this size and we're pleased to see that styrene has been used here.  Safety glass is of course preferable and is less susceptible to scratches and scuffing than styrene but it would be unrealistic to expect this standard of glazing in a budget building.

We'd recommend the Premier model over the Standard given that it features a tongue and groove boarded floor and roof.  In the Standard model these items are provided OSB sheet which is inferior to wood in terms of strength and susceptibility to water damage.  If you do choose the Standard version we'd recommend you test the floor for strength prior to assembly and add additional bracing or bearers if you find this necessary to augment the support.  Make sure also that the roofing felt is properly installed and also that the summerhouse is located in a free draining area to ensure that it doesn't stand in water when the weather is wet.  Remember that water will run off the pent roof to the rear and will need to be able to drain away from this area.

Both Standard and Premier versions feature a pre-delivery dip treatment which will be sufficient to protect the timbers up to the point of delivery.  After this it will be necessary to apply a suitable preservative/decorative finish to the summerhouse to protect the woodwork from attack by rot and pests.  Have a look at our article on Preserving your Corner Summerhouse if you need any ideas here.  The finish will need to be maintained from time to time as required to ensure a long life for the structure.  You shouldn't overlook the application of the finish as untreated wood can quickly take on a weathered and worn appearance when exposed to the elements.

Because the Standard and Premier 8x8 is marketed under several different badges you may find minor stylistic differences from time to time.  It can also make it tricky to track down and compare similar models so be sure to check our price guide which brings these together to save you the work.  Take a look too at the manufacturer's installation video for the 7'x7' equivalent model.  It lets you see exactly what's involved in the assembly process and also allows you to constrast the OSB and tongue and groove options for the roof and floor.  It's essential viewing - you can see it in full here (opens in a new window).

It's worth also comparing the Standard and Premier 8x8 against other economy models of the same size such as the Barclay and the Hampton.  We think these offer a little more style - though that's just our preference.  They come with a wooden floor and roof as standard too.  The Picton is a newer addition to this category and is also well worth checking out.

As with the Standard 7x7 we've awarded 3.5 out of 5 stars to the Standard 8x8 reflecting the general budget nature of construction and the OSB roof and flooring.  The Premier version is rewarded with 4 stars to take account of its timber floor and roof.

  clean lines

   bright interior

  good headroom

  fixed windows

   solid sheet flooring in the standard version
Our Star Rating
Standard 7x7 Corner Summerhouse
(3.5 out of 5 stars
Review by the Corner Summerhouse Guide)
Premier 7x7 Corner Summerhouse
(4 out of 5 stars
Review by the Corner Summerhouse Guide)

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