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The Tiger Bengal Corner Cabin

Size; 10'x10' (3 x 3m)

*please note that sellers do occasionally change their prices without notice - please visit the seller to confirm the current price - delivery charges may also vary from area to area - be sure to check the seller's delivery charge to your address
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Price from £3699.99

TheTiger Bengal Corner Cabin

Style and Design
The Bengal is Tiger's contribution to the corner log cabin market - and what a contribution it is.  Constructed throughout in quality materials, it features a traditional five sided corner design, large opening side windows, fully glazed double doors, an apex roof and a highly stylish, modern overall design.  Its engineered finish will provide superb outdoor accommodation with a variety of potential uses, the glazed double doors affording a great view of the garden as you relax on a warm summer's day.
The cabin is constructed in heavy duty 28mm interlocking timber logs with a 19mm tongue and groove timber floor and roof, the floor mounted on tanalised 58 x 44mm wooden bearers.  The windows are glazed in 4mm toughened glass for security and safety with the glazing factory sealed with silicone and fully beaded internally.  The door is secured by a three lever lock with brass door handles and to round it all off, the roof is finished in heavy duty green mineral felt for increased weather resistance.  The log cladding features a specially designed 4-way chamfered notch-joint system to ensure a tight join to further enhance resistance to moisture penetration.
The Bengal measures 10' x 10' (2.76 x 2.76m).  The height at the eaves externally is 7'2'' (2.19m) increasing to 8'11'' (2.73m) at the apex of the roof.  Internal headroom is 7' (2.13) at the eaves and 8'6'' (2.59) at the highest point.  The double door opening is a generous 5' x 6'2'' (1.52 x 1.88m) while the windows will let in plenty light at 2'2'' x 3'5'' (64.5cm x 104.6cm).
Other than the tanalised floor bearers, the timbers of the cabin are untreated.  A decorative/preservative finish will require to be applied by the purchaser immediately following delivery.
Depending on the seller a number of options are available for the Tiger Bengal.  These include: an installation option, a double glazing upgrade, options to replace the mineral felt roof covering with a choice of premium shingles, a choice of decorative/preservative finishes for DIY application, a range of security options and upgrades and a selection of matching planters.
The cabin is delivered in its component parts ready for DIY home assembly.
See the details of sellers and prices given above.
Our Verdict
We think the Tiger Bengal is possibly the leading cabin on the market today in its size and price category.  It features a real quality build with its 28mm log construction and special jointing system designed to ensure tight fitting timbers.  The 19mm timber floor and roof are consistent with the heavy duty construction and the tanalised floor bearers are a decent specification for the size of the building and will help reduce the risk of moisture damage from below.  The mineral felt roof covering should give you good weatherproofing and can be upgraded to heavy duty shingles if you're so inclined.  There's an extra cost here though and while the shingles will make your cabin look superb, the standard felt covering is quite adequate.

We're pleased to see 4mm toughened glass as standard for the windows and the double glazing option didn't seem overly expensive to us at the time of review.  The windows are silicone sealed prior to delivery and fully beaded internally too which saves you an extra job you sometimes find needing to be done in cheaper models.  Door furniture and security looks good as well - and if you have any concerns you should be able to find an upgrade to a five lever door lock.  The door opening itself is a good size and will give you plenty of easy access to furnish your Bengal. The side windows open to allow ventilation on a hot day.

The Bengal lends itself well to outdoor living.  It can be used purely for recreational purposes or perhaps as valuable outdoor workspace.  There's a nice overhanging roof section to the front which will help keep rain away from the front door and further reduce the risk of damp.

Although the wall panels aren't pre-formed, its a reasonably straightforward job to assemble the logs and to put everything together.  Although at the time of review no customer feedback on the assembly of the Bengal was available, reports on Tiger models of similar interlocking log construction suggest that other than being a little time consuming - allow at least a day for erection - there's nothing untoward about the assembly process.  Note that fitting roof shingles, should you purchase these, will increase the time required and you'll also need to build in an allowance for adding the essential preservative finish.

With the exception of the floor bearers, the woodwork of the Bengal is untreated prior to delivery.  This means that you'll have to apply a suitable preservative immediately after delivery.  We'd recommend you treat the components of the cabin prior to assembly to make sure all the exposed parts are reached, especially areas such as the underside of the floor and the roof which you won't be able to get at once the building is up.  You may find you can order preservative in a choice of colours along with your cabin.  Alternatively, have a look at our feature on Decorating and Preserving your Corner Summerhouse for some ideas (opens in a new page). Either way, you'll need to apply and maintain a suitable finish to take advantage of the manufacturer's warranty against damage by rot or insect attack.

The Bengal is a substantial timber building of considerable weight and will need to be erected on a suitable base.  We have some ideas in our feature - A Base for your Corner Summerhouse - which we'd recommend you read (opens in a new page).  A building like the Bengal lends itself well to one of the rigid recycled plastic bases you'll find on the market these days.  Filled with aggregate, this style of base can improve drainage and reduce the exposure of your valuable timber building to ground moisture.

So - although at the time of review, the basic Tiger Bengal came in a little more expensive than competing models such as the Holly 3x3, we think this is reflected in the quality of the structure,  the 4mm toughened glass, double doors, tanalised floor bearers, extensive choice of upgrades, selection of DIY finishes and options and the overall elegant styling. We think the Bengal is a superb example of a 10' x 10' corner log cabin and customer satisfaction is high too - so it gets 4.5 stars from us.  Pressure treated timbers would get it 5 - but we have to say that although pressure treatment largely removes the need to apply a further preservative finish to timber, you would probably still want to decorate your cabin to preserve its appearance so may not be the advantage it seems at first.
  elegant styling

  4mm toughened glass with double glazing option

  quality construction

  good range of options
   untreated timbers
Our Star Rating
(4.5 out of 5 stars
Review by the Corner Summerhouse Guide)

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