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The Waltons or Mercia 8'x6' Octagonal Corner Summerhouse

Size; 8'8'' x 6'3'' (2.64 x 1.91)

*please note that sellers do occasionally change their prices without notice - please visit the seller to confirm the current price - delivery charges may also vary from area to area - be sure to check the seller's delivery charge to your address
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Waltons or Mercia Octagonal 8'x6' Corner Summerhouse

Style and Design
This is the larger of two similarly designed octagonal corner summerhouses produced by Waltons which you may also find badged Mercia.  Large fixed windows in the walls and doors ensure a light, bright feel to the spacious interior and the attractive design has an overall appeal which is guaranteed to bring a touch of class to the garden. 
General construction is 12mm tongue and groove interlocking cladding on 44 x 28mm framing.  The windows are glazed in styrene and the roof finished in felt as standard.  The tongue and groove wooden construction extends to the floor and roof while the door features antique style fittings and internal securing bolts.
The building has an overall 8'8'' x 6'3'' (2.64 x 1.91) footprint externally.  Internally the summerhouse measures 8'1'' x 5'8'' (2.46 x 1.73). The height is 6'4'' (1.93m) at the eaves rising to 8'8'' (2.64m) at the roof ridge.  Door dimensions are 3'11'' x 5'10'' (1.19 x 1.78).  
The timbers of the summerhouse receive a factory applied basecoat prior to delivery.  A final finish will require to be applied as soon as possible after installation and annually thereafter to benefit from the manufacturer's 10 year anti-rot guarantee.
Availlable options will depend on who you buy the summerhouse from.  Expect to find an installation option, base, floor and roof upgrade options and a choice of DIY finishes.
The summerhouse is delivered with all necessary fittings and instructions ready for DIY assembly.
See the details of sellers and prices given above.
Our Verdict
This attractive octagonal summerhouse is ideally suited to a corner of the garden.  It's certainly pleasing to the eye and its large windows are in an updated style which ensures a light, airy feel to the interior.  You should note, though, that they are fixed and can't be opened for ventilation, either on a hot day or to help reduce condensation during colder spells.  The upside of this of course is that they render the summerhouse more secure - and on a hot day, you're unlikely to be fully closing the door anyway.  While we're on the subject of security, we see that while sellers refer to lock and key security - there's no sign of this on any of the many illustrations of the building you'll find so you may have to be prepared to install your own locking arrangement.  Simplest would be a hasp and padlock - but far more aesthetically pleasing would be a rim lock which you can find for a few pounds at a good DIY store such as B&Q or Wickes.  If you do find you need to do this it's a little extra work but we don't see it as a big deal.

Although it's currently not possible to preview the assembly instructions, we don't see any great difficulty in erecting the building provided you have a little DIY experience and some basic tools: hammer, spirit level, drill, screwdriver (preferably powered), craft knife and maybe some sandpaper.  You'll have to give some thought to a base and we think that if you're installing the summerhouse on a hard base the shed boot upgrade offered by Waltons is worth a look.  If Waltons don't have the best price you can check out alternatives on Amazon have some good alternatives or you can buy the shed boot kit direct from the manufacturer, Cybertools.  Have a look at our summerhouse base feature too (opens in a new window).  A pre-formed plastic base lends itself well to the footprint of an octagonal summerhouse.

The standard of construction looks about right for a summerhouse in this style and price range.  The 12mm cladding and framing when properly assembled should give you a good strong building which is wind and weatherproof as well as aesthetically pleasing.  The manufacturer offers a 10 year anti-rot guarantee but you should note that this is conditional upon the application of a suitable preservative finish as soon as possible after erection and re-applications each year.  In practice, if the initial finish is of suitable quality, an annual treatment may not be necessary but if you're thinking of missing a year you'll have to consider how much the guarantee is worth to you.  In any event, we'd strongly recommend you carry out the first application before you put the summerhouse together.  That way you'll be more able to treat all parts properly, including those that might be difficult or impossible to reach once the building is up.  And if you do want the benefit of the 10 year guarantee we'd suggest you keep some evidence of annual treatment in case you ever want to make a claim.

All in all we think this offers a good standard of building at a reasonable price.  The appearance is stylish and, properly put together and decorated, it should be a great asset to your garden.  There aren't too many alternatives around in this price category but if your budget can stretch a little further we'd suggest you have a look at the Ryton 8x6.  It has the advantage of pressure treated wood, opening windows, toughened glass and lockable doors which, in our view, make it well worth the extra you'll pay.  Having said that, if your budget restricts you to the Waltons/Mercia model it shouldn't let you down.  Four stars out of five from us as a decent quality, economy model.

And by all means take a look at the Tiger Elite 8x6 too.  It's a similar design but be prepared to spend a lot more.

  plenty room

  wooden floor and roof

  large windows
   windows fixed

   annual treatment required

   may need additional lock
Our Star Rating
(4 out of 5 stars
Review by the Corner Summerhouse Guide)

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