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Why Buy a Corner Summer House?

Outdoor living is becoming increasingly popular these days.  Properly organised, the garden can become an extension of the home living area, particularly during the warmer months.  Let's face it though - while it might be getting a little milder, our climate is certainly not getting any drier - and if we want to enjoy our gardens to the maximum it will be necessary from time to time to provide refuge from the elements.
This is where the corner summer house comes into its own, particularly where space is a premium or where the only available location is an otherwise unused corner of the garden.  A summer house provides shelter from showers and shade from the sun in the summer months.  In winter it can provide an outdoor escape from  the cold, the wind and the snow.  From your corner summer house you can survey your garden from the comfort of the indoors in an outdoor setting no matter the season or the weather.

Corner summer houses are available in a variety of styles ranging from the simple and unobtrusive to the imposing.  You can see what's available in the listings on our Homepage.  Most are delivered in a ready to assemble form, ideal for the DIY enthusiast, but many also come with an installation service available, usually at additional cost.  Either way the purchase, delivery and erection of a corner summer house is a reasonably straightforward matter and the enhancement of your garden is well worth it.  When it comes to talking points a corner summer house fits the bill perfectly!

Once the structure is in place you can personalise the building and turn it into your own outdoor haven, decorated and equipped entirely to your taste and in harmony with its surroundings.  Most models arrive pre-treated with a basic preservative and only the application of a suitable external finish.  This is an ideal opportunity to put your own stamp on the building so that it fits perfectly with your garden.  You'll find some sellers offer the option to order a suitable finish along with the building, usually for DIY home application, or you can obtain a finish from a reputable DIY store.  Styles and fashions change.  At present the usual finish for a corner summer house is with a timber stain;  pine, mahogany, rosewood, walnut and the like, but stains and paints are available in other colours to suit your preference.  You'll find some interesting ideas as you browse our summer house selection - and we have a feature on Decorating and Preserving your Corner Summer House which is well worth a read.

Otherwise, all you really need before your building is delivered is a suitable base.  And this need'nt be a big issue.  A wide variety of pre-formed bases are now available in addition to more traditional solutions such as paving and concrete.  Check out our feature on Corner Summer House Bases for some great ideas and plenty of information (link opens in a new window).

So a corner summer house is for all seasons, not just the summer. And not only will it provide you with some great outdoor living space, the chances are it will form a superb feature in your garden to impress your neighbours and friends.  You may find that once they've seen your new outdoor retreat, corner summer houses begin to appear in their gardens too.  A huge selection is available to buy online in the UK today in all shapes and sizes - rectangular, pentagonal, hexagonal and octagonal - and to suit all gardens and budgets.  At the Corner Summer House Guide we're dedicated to bringing you all the information you need to help you buy the right building for your garden at a decent price.  We don't think you'll find quite as wide a range of corner summer houses featured anywhere else - or anything like the price choice you'll find in our unique price guides.  Just head over to our Homepage to get started on your corner summer house search.

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The Corner Summer House Guide

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